Merch Lead

A great way for Geeks OUT to get our message out and also fundraise is through our merch! This role is designed to help Geeks OUT manage our merchandise.

Responsibilities include:

  • Understanding the Geeks OUT Mission and being comfortable with representing Geeks OUT and our Mission.
  • Managing and maintaining an available merch list, including managing inventory and inventory display to our online marketplace. 
  • Work closely with the Finance chair, providing merch-related sales data to ensure a correct cost-of-goods assessment by the end of the fiscal year. 
  • Collaborate with theDesign and Finance chairs to develop promotional merch packages in order to increase marketability and sales reach. 
  • Work on improving Merch management systems by way of exploring new possible vendor options for a more practical merch sale and ship processing
  • Report on any missed opportunities for merch sales by reporting merch requests that were not fillable based on limited size or availability options.

    If you’re interested in this position, please email