Seeing a lack of representation and community for LGBTQ+ Geeks within broader geek community, our founders Joey and Josh came together in 2013 to launch Geeks OUT. Over a decade later, the 501(c)(3) now frequents events across the country growing community and elevating queer voices at conventions. Not to mention launching Flame Con, the world’s largest LGBTQ+ comics and pop culture convention.

Joey Stern

He / Ma’am

Joey Stern is Co-founder of Geeks OUT and Flame Con. He has a passion for queer geek community, and those tiny straws that come in fancy drinks. He has a complicated relationship to gender and his mother likes his tweets.

Josh Siegel

He / Him

Josh Siegel (a.k.a. modHERO) is an artist, writer and musician. He helped create Geeks OUT as a way to raise the profile of LGBTQ people in fan culture, making the scene more fun, inclusive and safe for geeks of all types. Josh is also the Co-creator of Flame Con and Co-author/Art Director of Serving Pride. Raised on 80s movies and the X-Men, Josh believes that outcasts can do anything if they organize.