About Us

About Our Board

Our organization is overseen by an all-volunteer board. Together they coordinate all branches of Geeks OUT across the country.

Executive Committee

Nicole Gitau
She / They
Serving On: Flame Con Committee (Special Guests Lead), Finance Committee
Long a fan of Geeks OUT’s work, Nicole began volunteering with the organization in 2012. Since then she has served as Web Editor, Vice President and, beginning in 2018, President. As a librarian and tech researcher, they count Barbara Gordon and Jenny Calendar among their fandom inspirations.

Steve Gianaca
He / Him / His
Vice President
Serving On: Flame Con Committee (Chair), Finance Committee
Steve currently serves as the Vice President of Geeks OUT. Having offered creative support and art-direction for Flame Con in its early years, he now serves as the convention’s Chair. Outside of Geeks OUT, Steve has worked as a designer for major TV networks and Creative Director for several national publications.

Rachel GreemanRachel Greeman
She / Her / Hers
Rachel joined Geeks OUT as an intern in 2014. Since 2015, she has proudly served as the Secretary of the Board. She helps manage Cosplay related programming for Flame Con, which is her favorite convention on the entire planet (probably the entire universe). Her favorites include Amaya x Zari, Captain America, and True Blood (maybe).

Bethany Gonzalez-Velez
He / She
Bethany is a genderqueer Bronx native proudly serving as Geek’s OUT treasurer. Accessibility and including disabled individuals in queer discussion and policy are a core part of his trans-activism. His fandom interests may vary from indie games to tabletop RPGs, but Beth’s childhood dream is to play ten Sims generations of a family.


Jayson Bennett
He / Him / His
Serving On: Outreach Committee
Jayson is a veterinary medical professional, gaymer, and huge comic book nerd. He has a long history of LGBTQ advocacy working for and planning events with such groups as QPENN, the LGVMA of UPENN, Equality Forum, Philly Outfest, and Philly Pride. When he isn’t working with the pets of NYC or planning events for Geeks OUT, he spends time working on his patio garden, reading fantasy novels, and cooking for his friends.

Kevin Gilligan
He / Him / His
Serving On: Conventions Committee (Chair), Flame Con Committee (Experiences Lead)
Kevin is a bisexual comic book lover, who has found strength in his queer geek identity through his work with Geeks OUT. He chairs the Conventions Committee, bringing a safe space and visible queer presence to conventions around the country. When he isn’t volunteering time to make geek culture more welcoming to the queer community, he spend his time acting, writing, and producing.

Kyle-Steven Porter
He / Him / His
Serving On: Conventions Committee
Kyle-Steven is an artist, writer, performer, laugh-inducer, and native New Yorker. He is a gaymer (Nintendo fanboy forever!) and moderate comic book geek. Kyle currently serves on the Conventions Committee as the Diversity Lounge Manager for the PAX conventions.

Teri Yoshiuchi
He / Him / His
Serving On: Marketing Committee
Teri is a Senior Sales Manager by day and an avid gaymer by night. He’s also a USA Archery Certified Level 2 Instructor but considers joining the Geeks OUT Board the ultimate ‘level up.’ Teri has been participating in Geeks OUT events since 2014 and looks forward to continuing the adventure.


Joey Stern
He / Ma’am
Board Emeritus
Joey Stern is Co-founder of Geeks OUT and Flame Con. He has a passion for queer geek community, and those tiny straws that come in fancy drinks. He has a complicated relationship to gender and his mother likes his tweets.

Josh Siegel
He / Him / His
Board Emeritus
Josh Siegel is an artist, writer and musician known for drawing pensive portraits of superheroes under the name modHERO. He helped create Geeks OUT as a way to raise the profile of LGBTQ people in fan culture, making it more fun, inclusive and safe for geeks of all types. Josh also the Co-creator of Flame Con and Co-author/Art Director of Serving Pride. Raised on 80s movies and the X-Men, Josh believes that outcasts can do anything if they organize.