We here at Geeks OUT want you, the reader, to know more about who we are. To help with that, we’ve started interviewing members of our board so you know what makes us tick. Here’s our third interview!

Who are you and what do you do for Geeks OUT?

I’m Nicole Gitau, President of Geeks OUT and Special Guests Lead for Flame Con. My main role at Geeks OUT is taking care of high-level admin projects, cheerleading future initiatives, and making sure our committees are communicating as we all work to make queer magic together.

How did you first get involved?

I stumbled on the Geeks OUT booth at New York Comic Con in 2012. I was drawn in by (Co-founder and former President) Joey Stern’s enthusiasm… for everything… and agreed to write for the blog on the spot. After a year of volunteering to work other conventions and moderate panels, I joined the Board in 2014. It’s been a wild ride ever since.

What makes you geek out?

Like many good geeks (and all librarians), I’m excited by knowledge – acquiring it, sharing it. When I was 10, I carried around a notebook where I’d write down obscure facts I learned. These days, I’m more likely to put that same energy into community organizing. If there’s something you’ve got a question about, or someone you need to know, I’m happy to do the research for you.

What fictional character(s) had the most inspirational story arc to you and why?

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (BtVS/Angel): I could deeply identify with a rule-abiding librarian who goes rogue defending their friends in the end-times.  Serafina Pekkala (His Dark Materials, Philip Pullman): A witch queen who exemplified the “if you love something, let it go” maxim. Many times over.Kelly (San Junipero, Black Mirror): She made a scary decision to do something for herself, after a lifetime of hiding and making others happy. [See also; Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Ruth in Fast Color for more inspiring big gestures of love.] Anyway… have I mentioned I love stories with sad Brits? 

Who do you ship?

Literally, every queer/trans/femme relationship in pop culture right now (visibility, y’all!). Rue & Jules (Euphoria): I mean, teeechnically they are canon (did you see those perfect snuggles?). But the will they/won’t they vibes are killing me and I just want a happy ending for these baby queers who are full of feels. Reminds me of my first relationship. Eve & Villanelle on Killing Eve: I’m a sucker for a good-girl-gives-in story. And, it’s like a really perfect round of F***, Marry, Kill when all options apply. Reminds me of my last relationship.Janelle & her next award show date: It’s been a good year for QWoC on the red carpet. 94% of that is because of Janelle’s swag. 

What’s Something underrated you think could use a shout out?

MariNaomi’s work in general, but her databases in particular: Queer Cartoonists and Cartoonists of Color, If you’re a fan, learn more! If you’re an organizer, you no longer have excuses about lacking diverse voices!