The Geeks OUT Podcast: Florida & Other Disney Villains

By: Kevin Gilligan
May 25, 2023

In this all new episode of the Geeks OUT Podcast, Kevin (@Gilligan_McJew on all socials) is joined by Mike Moon (@freemoonman1982), as they discuss Disney versus Ron DeSantis and the state of Florida, feel #queerjoy in the new teaser for the animated movie Nimona coming to Netflix, and talk about what they’re getting Down & Nerdy with in pop culture.



KEVIN:  In move against DeSantis, Disney cancels moving employees to FL, where a  teacher is under investigation for showing Strange World

MIKE: New teaser for Nimona



KEVIN: Guardians Vol 3, Pearl, Dead Ringers, Citadel, All Stars, Titans, Somebody Somewhere, Riverdale, DC’s Book of Pride

MIKE: Star Trek Comics from IDW, The Other Two, Arcade Kings (comic), Queer Eye S7

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