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Geeking Out About Flame Con Panels: Talking 7 Miles a Second

"On Saturday, August 20, I attended the fascinating Flame Con panel “Talking 7 Miles a Second” featuring Marguerite Van Cook ...

The Weird and Wonderful World of Digger

If you had asked me what my favorite genres were eight years ago, chances are I would not have put ...

Unsung Gay Superhero: Ultraverse’s Spectral

As Pride month draws to a close, I decided to take it upon myself to profile one of the unsung ...

Null Space: LGBT Representation in the Final Frontier

While Star Trek broke barriers on race and gender in The Original Series, it ultimately fell short on doing the ...

Sci-Fi Alien(ation): Diversity and Bigotry in Sci-Fi Fantasy

The need for diversity in Science Fiction, otherwise known as Speculative Fiction, has been getting a lot of media attention ...