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A Conversation with Activist and Author P. Kristen Enos

On October 17, the Kickstarter campaign was launched for Active Voice The Comic Collection by P. Kristen Enos, subtitled The ...

Geeking Out About Flame Con Panels: Talking 7 Miles a Second

"On Saturday, August 20, I attended the fascinating Flame Con panel “Talking 7 Miles a Second” featuring Marguerite Van Cook ...

The Weird and Wonderful World of Digger

If you had asked me what my favorite genres were eight years ago, chances are I would not have put ...

Unsung Gay Superhero: Ultraverse’s Spectral

As Pride month draws to a close, I decided to take it upon myself to profile one of the unsung ...

Null Space: LGBT Representation in the Final Frontier

While Star Trek broke barriers on race and gender in The Original Series, it ultimately fell short on doing the ...