Native American Heritage Month 2022

In honor of November being Native American Heritage Month, we here at Geeks OUT would like to take this opportunity to highlight interviews conducted by our own Michele Kirichanskaya featuring queer indigenous authors.

Interview with Author Melissa Blair
Interview with author Jen Ferguson
Interview with Author Darcie Little Badger
Interview with Author H. E. Edgmon
Interview with Author Gary Lonesborough

Disability Pride Month 2022

As Disability Pride Month comes to an end, we here at Geeks OUT would like to take this opportunity to highlight a number of interviews conducted by our own Michele Kirichanskaya featuring people within the community.

Additionally, Michele would like to recommend books within the community including Deaf Utopia: A Memoir―and a Love Letter to a Way of Life, True Biz: A Novel, and The Pretty One: On Life, Pop Culture, Disability, and Other Reasons to Fall in Love with Me.

Interview with Author Sarah Katz
Interview with Authors Kathryn Ormsbee & Molly Brooks
Interview with Author Natalia Sylvester
Interview With Author Amelia Loken
Interview with Courtney & Royce of The Ace Couple Podcast
Interview with Author Natasha Ngan
Interview With Writer And Editor Suzanne Walker
Interview With A. J. Sass, Author of Ana on the Edge

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month 2022

May marks Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) Heritage Month. It’s a month to celebrate and honor AAPI voices and identities around the world. In order to help celebrate this month, we’d like to highlight a number of Michele Kirichanskaya‘s interviews she’s conducted with AAPI authors and artists that are linked below.

Interview with author SJ Sindu
Interview with Author Shveta Thakrar
Interview with Creator Laura Gao
Interview with Xiran Jay Zhao
Interview with Author Adiba Jaigirdar
Interview with Author Emily X. R. Pan
Interview With Illustrator Kristina Luu
Interview with Illustrator Wendy Xu
Interview: Mariko Tamaki
Interview with James Sweeney
Interview With Author Angela Chen
Interview With Emery Lee
Interview with Author Tara Sim
Interview with Ryka Aoki
Interview with Jeremy Atherton Lin
Interview with Author Chloe Gong
Interview with Artist & Writer Trung Le Nguyen
Interview with Author Natasha Ngan
Interview With Illustrator Ariel Slamet Ries

International Asexuality Day 2022

Today marks the second International Asexuality Day. It’s a day to promote and highlight asexual, aromantic, demisexual, and other identities that fall under the ace umbrella. In order to help celebrate IAD, we’d like to highlight a number of Michele Kirichanskaya‘s interviews she’s conducted with ace authors and artists that are linked below.

Interview With Yasmin Benoit
Interview With Author Angela Chen
Interview With Maia Kobabe
Interview with the Gentle Giant Ace
Interview with Writer & Editor Kiara Valdez
Interview with Cartoonist Jarad Greene
Interview with Author Julie Sondra Decker
A QUICK & EASY GUIDE TO ASEXUALITY Interview with Molly Muldoon & Will Hernandez
Interview with Author Amanda DeWitt
Interview with Courtney & Royce of The Ace Couple Podcast
Interview with Author Claire Kann
Interview With Cody Daigle-Orians
Interview with Author Alechia Dow
Interview with Author Rosiee Thor

Transgender Day Of Visibility 2022

March 31st marks the 14th annual International Transgender Day of Visibility. Founded by Michigan based trans activist Rachel Crandall-Crocker, Transgender Day of Visibility serves as a day of celebration to give transgender people proper recognition. LGBT organizations including GLSEN and the LGBT Foundation provide additional information and how to get involved.

In an effort to highlight the achievements of trans people, Geeks OUT would like to highlight multiple interviews of trans authors and artists that were conducted by our own Michele Kirichanskaya we’ve linked to below.

Interview with Crystal Frasier and Val Wise
Interview with Ryka Aoki
Interview with Author Ash Van Otterloo
Interview with Author H. E. Edgmon
Interview with Author Aiden Thomas

Kevin Keller CELEBRATION! A 10th Anniversary Omnibus Now On Kickstarter!

Dan Parent has brought Kevin Keller to Kickstarter! As part of Archie Comics‘ celebrating their first high profile LGBT character, you can now get every Kevin Keller story in one volume with over 700 pages of content.

As of writing this post, the campaign has pulled in $13,301 from 135 backers in just over a full day of being live. All reward tiers are still available and you can get the printed omnibus collection starting at just $45.

Dan Parent has been with Archie for over three decades and introducing Kevin Keller during that time is something that’s been important to Geeks OUT readers. That fact is important to Dan as well, who took the time to join Geeks OUT for our virtual Flame Con that was broadcast last month.

Join Louie Pearlman (XOXO Riverdale Podcast) in a pre-recorded talk with Dan Parent about 11 years of Archie Comics’ first queer character Kevin Keller, Die Kitty Die, and queer icons The B-52’s.

You can read the full press release from Archie Comics below.



Prolific Comic Creator Dan Parent Announces Kickstarter Campaign for KEVIN KELLER CELEBRATION!

To Mark His First Decade in Riverdale, Comic Omnibus
Will Celebrate Kevin Keller’s Greatest Moments

(Los Angeles, CA) – XX, 2021– American comic book artist, writer and Archie Comics legend, Dan Parent, announced today a Kickstarter campaign to develop KEVIN KELLER CELEBRATION!, an omnibus of the trailblazing character’s first decade in Riverdale. With the blessing of Archie Comics, this complete compendium of all things Kevin will feature over 700-pages of comic book fun, chronicling Kevin’s game-changing first appearance to where Kevin’s legacy stands today. 

“For the past 35 years, I’ve had the pleasure to work on multiple characters and titles for Archie, but my heart always comes back to my heart and soul, Kevin Keller,” said writer Dan Parent. “Being able to spearhead this campaign, with the support of Archie Comics, is the perfect way to continue the legacy of the character as well as celebrate the 80th anniversary of Archie Comics.” 

Harvey Award nominee and 2013 GLAAD Award winner, Parent aims to build on the massive success of the highly successful Kickstarter campaign tied to his hit comic series DIE KITTY DIE with a comprehensive look at the life and times of Archie Comics’ first LGBTQ+ character. Fans of Kevin, Riverdale and Archie Comics will revel in this celebratory collection which features Kevin’s first appearance, the four issue mini-series, the complete fifteen issue KEVIN KELLER series, the LIFE WITH KEVIN graphic novel, highlights, extras and so much more!

“When Dan came to me with the idea of introducing Kevin to Archie Comics ten years ago, I knew we were on the precipice of a huge cultural shift for our brand and for that reason, among many others, is why we fully support Dan’s campaign efforts,” said Archie Comics CEO/Publisher Jon Goldwater. “The introduction of Kevin, Archie Comics first gay character, ignited readers and fans across the country and it’s a testament to Dan’s creative work that Kevin is such a positive and everlasting fixture in the world of Riverdale.” 

Additional details  on the KEVIN KELLER CELEBRATION! campaign as well as a full breakdown of Kickstarter rewards  can be seen here.


Three movies, three weeks, three times the scares! Make this the MUST-SEE movie event of July aka “the summer of FEAR”. Be among the first to have a chance to see the “Must-See Movie Event of July!”

Geeks OUT has been given the opportunity to offer 100 screening passes for the Netflix movie trilogy Fear Street! 100 screening passes means we’ll have 100 winners that get a near-week head start on watching the horror movie event of the summer.

For your chance to enter in, please fill out this google docs form by Thursday June 24th. Winners will be notified via email and receive links to the movies as they become available with 24 hours to watch.

The dates for the screenings are as follows:

FEAR STREET Part 1: 1994 – Monday, June 28 
FEAR STREET Part 2: 1978 – Thursday, July 8
FEAR STREET Part 3: 1666 – Wednesday, July 14

Scroll down for more information on the Fear Street trilogy.

A circle of teenage friends accidentally encounter the ancient evil responsible for a series of brutal murders that have plagued their town for over 300 years. Welcome to Shadyside.

Shadyside, 1978. School’s out for summer and the activities at Camp Nightwing are about to begin. But when another Shadysider is possessed with the urge to kill, the fun in the sun becomes a gruesome fight for survival.

The origins of Sarah Fier’s curse are finally revealed as history comes full circle on a night that changes the lives of Shadysiders forever.

DC Pride Anthology Available Now!

The hotly anticipated DC Pride #1 anthology is finally available! This celebration of DC Comics’ LGBTQIA+ characters and creators means a great deal to all of us at Geeks OUT and was unimaginable just a few shorts years ago. It also fills us with pride to see so many familiar faces of creators that we at Geeks OUT have been fans of for years and who have been honored guests of ours at Flame Con; some going back to the very first one!

Your local comic shop may be carrying it, but if you don’t have a shop near by there are plenty of places you could order a physical copy of this comics anthology including Midtown Comics or Things From Another World.

Can’t wait that long and need to read it RIGHT NOW!? Well you can on ComiXology!

Please considering picking up and supporting this comic. If we show up for this kind of content, they’ll make more for all of us.

More on DC Pride #1 below from DC Comics solicitations.

“DC celebrates Pride Month with nine all-new stories starring fan-favorite LGBTQIA+ characters Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Midnighter, Extraño, Batwoman, Aqualad, Alan Scott, Obsidian, Future State Flash, Renee Montoya, Pied Piper, and many more!”

Homecon Returns This Weekend!

One month after the inaugural HomeCon, they’re back to bring us round 2 for more of that con experience we’ve been longing for this season! While it may be an adjustment for some to go from a live experience to attending a con via twitch, HomeCon offers an impressive list of guests, panels, and one on one celebrity meet and greets to scratch your con itch!

Guests include Michael Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy), Nathan Fillion (Firefly, The Rookie), Tasya Teles (The 100), Tim Rozen (Wynonna Earp, Vagrant Queen), Danielle Cormack (Wentworth) and many other cast members from The 100, The Rookie, Wynonna Earp, Vikings, Dark Matter, Heroes, Orphan Black, Blood Quantum, and many more! You can check out the full guest list here.

Many the guests will also be available for 5 minute one on one interactions with you! Check out the list here of whose available and how to purchase your time slot. Have a few friends or family you know would love to be a part of it? You can add up to four additional people at a reduced rate!

There are over a dozen panels too available through Twitch! You could check out the Michael Rooker Spotlight on Saturday at 1:00pm EST, The Rookie Panel on Saturday at 4:00pm EST, The 100 Panel on Sunday at 1:00pm EST, Wentworth – Danielle Cormack Spotlight on Sunday at 4:00pm EST, and many more! You can see the full schedule here.

Like the previous HomeCon, 2nd Edition will also be supporting a charitable; First Responders First. Please consider checking out their site and donating if you can. Every little bit helps!

Here’s more information from their press release below:

HOMECON is broadcast live on Twitch. Fans can enjoy an ad-free viewing experience for free by subscribing with their Twitch Prime subscription; however, a subscription is not required to watch, making HOMECON accessible to all!


Born out of a quarantined world of isolation, HOMECON connects individuals who are respectfully staying at home to an online event community that’s bringing a brand-new face to the world of pop culture conventions. Attendees have the opportunity to attend live virtual panels with the stars of their favorite shows—and the ability to book video chats with celebs in intimate one-on-one video settings. HOMECON: 1st Edition took place on April 10-11, 2020. and had more than 111,666 views (Source: Twitch) and online conversations about the event in more than 38 countries spread over six continents (Source: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram). Created by Paul Amos (Jupiter’s Legacy, Lost Girl, Assassin’s Creed) and Rachel Skarsten (Batwoman, Lost Girl, Reign), HOMECON is the ultimate virtual fan experience.

Follow us at:


Insta: @HomeConOfficial

Twitter: @HomeConOfficial


We here at Geeks OUT want you, the reader, to know more about who we are. To help with that, we’ve started interviewing members of our board so you know what makes us tick. Here’s our seventh interview!

Who are you and what do you do for Geeks OUT?
Hi, I’m Teri Yoshiuchi and I am the 2020 Vice-President of Geeks OUT.

How did you first get involved?
Gosh, I actually don’t remember. I backed the first Flame Con on Kickstarter and volunteered there, but it may have actually been at NY Comic Con.

What makes you geek out?
I read a lot of sci-fi and fantasy novels and I’m super into tabletop gaming–board games and RPGs.

What book/tv show/comic/etc are you enjoying now?
Star Trek: Picard, The Expanse (both the TV show and the books). There’s so much out there right now it’s hard to keep up.

What are your favorite geeky past times?
I play a lot of Dungeons & Dragons. I’m also a USA Archery Certified Level 2 archery instructor.

What’s something underrated you think could use a shout out?
Indie role playing games. There are a lot more out there than Dungeons & Dragons.

What fictional setting would you most want to live in?
Star Trek, without question. The ability to explore the galaxy in a starship or create my own fantasy world on a holodeck would be amazing.

What was your introduction to geekdom?
When I was a little kid one of my babysitters had a Mattel Intellivision. All I wanted to do was play games on it. A few years later one of my friends got an NES from her parents for Channukah and I remember us playing Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt for hours.